About Us


Tebogo Choma – Senior Pharmacist by profession

Having immersed herself in the daily care of the sick, Tebogo is keenly aware of the mental health crisis gripping the world amid current circumstances. Yet, attending a series of music events has transported her to a realm of indescribable joy and serenity, akin to heaven itself.

In response to the staggering unemployment rates, she has devised a plan to nurture and empower talented individuals, particularly those passionate about music. Her vision is to provide opportunities for learning and livelihood, fostering a community where skills are honed and shared to uplift others.

Through Choma Events & Entertainment, we aim not only to offer employment opportunities but also to harness the collective manpower for various endeavours.

As poverty remains a formidable foe to human happiness, it undermines liberty and renders certain virtues unattainable while complicating others.

The vision and mission of Choma Events & Entertainment is simply to Make Moments Matter.

Music, with its ability to evoke a profound sense of pleasure and happiness, satisfies a fundamental need inherent in human nature. Serving as the language of the spirit, music has the power to unlock the mysteries of existence, fostering peace and eradicating conflict.